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Animal Planet

The wildlife channel, Animal Planet - Watch entire episodes on Animal Planet is a specialty channel dedicated to providing viewers with an understanding of animal life in our world. The channel broadcasts a wide range of programmes which focus on animals in their natural habitat as well as those in institutions erected for their care. It also focuses on the relationship between animals and humans and the impact they each have on their environment.

Animal Planet was launched in October 1996 as the result of a joint venture between BBC and Discovery Communications. In February 2008, it rebranded its image and programming with the aim of attracting a more mature audience and enhancing viewer interactivity and immersion in its shows. At present, Animal Planet is available in 70 countries worldwide and features an array of programmes which all focus on domestic and wild animals, ranging from the familiar to those which are lesser known. The channel also provides information on a diverse range of animals on its website and features an online shop from viewers can purchase branded merchandise.

Main programmes of Animal Planet

Animal Cops Houston: A reality TV show which focuses on the work of animal cruelty investigators based in Houston, Texas.

Big Cat Diary: This popular documentary series follows the lives of big cats in the Kenyan Masaai Mara detailing their lives as well as their interactions with each other and their prey.

Blue Planet: Seas of Life: A nature documentary series which explores the nature of the oceans, seas and rivers which cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Narrated by David Attenborough, the series also focuses on the unique environments which exist within and around these bodies of water as well as the forms of animal life that they support.

Call of the Wildman: A reality television series which focuses on Ernie Brown, a Kentucky woodsman who runs a nuisance animal removal business, as he catches animals and releases them into the wild.


Other programmes of Animal Planet

Eating Giants, Finding Big Foot, Frozen Planet, Monsters Inside Me, Pit Boss, Survivor, The Crocodile Hunter, Wild Hunter, Bears!, Life, Killer Outbreaks, Swamp Wars, Pit Boss, Too Cute, Whale Wars, Taking on Tyson, The Haunted, Fatal attractions, Cats, Animal Hoarding, Infested, The Dog Whisperer, Lost Tapes.

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