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Play BBC One live (UK only)

BBC One live (UK only)

Watch this national TV station, live. All sorts of genres and formats. BBC1 livestream BBC1 iplayer - livestream, British television for UK residents. BBC One is the flagship channel of the BBC, the largest broadcasting corporation in the world. The programming of BBC1 consists of news programmes, documentaries as well as a number of popular soap operas.

About BBC1

Initially launched in 1936 as the BBC Television Service, the channel was subsequently renamed BBC TV before adopting its current name, BBC1 at the launching of its sister channel, BBC 2.
The channel is counted as one of the most popular channels worldwide and commands a large number of faithful viewers at home and abroad. BBC1 aims to provide its audience with a selection of high quality programmes across a variety of genres. These include BBC Breakfast, its highly popular morning news programme aired seven days a week.  Other popular programmes broadcast by BBC1 include, Strictly Come Dancing, a long running reality show based on ballroom dancing, Eastenders, arguably the U.K’s most popular soap opera and the National Lottery Show which commands a significant number of viewers each week.

Main programs of BBC1

Bargain Hunt: An entertaining reality show which features two opposing teams, each of which must purchase antiques at a fair and then have them auctioned off at a profit.
Casualty: The longest running hospital based TV drama ever aired, Casualty focuses on the busy Accident & Emergency ward of Holby City and the relationships between the medical staff and the patients in their care.
Masterchef:  A live culinary    competition presided over by John Torode and Gregg Wallace in which five amateur chefs must battle for the opportunity to win the coveted Masterchef award.
The Voice:  A talent show presided over by four mainstream music stars and in which the winner is selected by the quality of their voice alone.

BBC1, various types of programs

Formats: Animation, Appeals, Bulletins, Discussion' Talk, Docudramas, Documentaries, Films, Games' Quizzes, Magazines' Reviews, Makeovers, Performances & Events, Readings, Reality, Talent Shows. 

Online Availability of BBC1

All programs are UK only. A significant number of programmes broadcast by BBC1 can be viewed on BBC iplayer the BBC’s online television and radio service, within 7 days of being shown. Certain programmes are however subject to restrictions, including sports and entertainment programs as the rights to stream them online must be obtained before they can be shown. Programmes from overseas may also face similar restrictions due to agreements between the BBC and their rights holders.
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