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Play BBC Two (UK only)

BBC Two (UK only)

BBC2 is a national TV channel with a large variety of television programs. BBC2 Television for free, UK residents. Watch live to the BBC i-player. BBC2 was launched in 1964, and was the third television channel to be launched in the UK. Its key feature which distinguishes it from its sister channel, BBC1 is its main focus on ‘knowledge’ building programmes including documentaries and historical dramas.

The programming of the channel consists of news programmes, documentaries as well as number of popular soap operas.

About BBC2

BBC2 is the second channel which was launched by the BBC. In 1967, it also became the first channel to broadcast regularly in colour. The primary focus of the channel is to cater to an audience with an interest in the arts, culture and music. BBC2 also caters to its younger audience through early morning programmes in England although BBC2 Scotland varies slightly from this model.
Over the years the it has produced a number of widely popular programmes including Civilization and The Culture Show. Top Gear which is currently the most popular programme is probably the best example of the channel’s effectiveness in providing its viewers with a winning combination of entertainment and information.

Main programs of BBC2

Eggheads: A popular quiz show featuring a team of quiz champions known as ‘the Eggheads’ against a team of contestants known as the ‘Challengers’ who attempt to dethrone the champions in a contest which lasts 5 rounds.
Great British Menu: A culinary reality TV show featuring chefs from different regions of the UK, in which each contestant must compete for the opportunity to participate in the preparation of a four course banquet.
The One Show: A weekly topical magazine show featuring well known TV personalities, international celebrities as well as a segment dedicated to its viewers.
Top Gear: Presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, this critically acclaimed show focuses on automobiles providing car enthusiasts with a winning combination of entertainment and information.
Other programs of BBC2
Antiques Roadshow, A very British Wedding, Six Nations Rugby and many more from the genres: Children's, Comedy, Drama, Entertainment, Factual, Learning, Music, News, Religion & Ethics, Sport, Weather. 

Online Availability of BBC2

If you are in the UK, as is the case with all BBC channels, a number of programmes broadcast by BBC2 can be viewed on BBC iplayer the BBC’s online television and radio service, often within 7 days of being shown. Certain programmes are however subject to restrictions, including sports and entertainment programmes as the rights to stream them online must be obtained before they can be shown. Programmes from overseas may also face similar restrictions due to agreements between the BBC and their rights holders.

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