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BBC3 sports and other tv programs. BBC Three Live Arena Online TV (UK Only). BBC 3 is a channel aimed at a younger primetime audience as opposed to the traditionally more matured following the BBC network had primarily catered to. In keeping with the remit of the BBC, the channel focuses on providing quality entertainment programmes as well as a number of documentaries geared towards a younger audience.

About BBC3

BBC3 was launched on the 9th of February 2003 as part of an initiative by the BBC to attract a younger demographic falling between the 16 -34 age bracket.
The channel provides a combination of comedy, drama and documentaries specifically aimed at its target audience. BBC3 also features spinoffs of popular programmes from its sister channels, BBC 1 and BBC2 with Torchwood being the most popular of these. 
The channel’s focus on challenging and innovative content, coupled with its ability to follow and create entertainment trends, has played a key role in enabling BBC3 to achieve its aim of attracting younger viewers in significant numbers.
Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People: A comedy series featuring a number of entertaining characters created by the comedian himself. They  include hapless aspiring disc jockey, DJ Sick Choonz, Dr. Bob whose fitness to practice is doubted by everyone but himself and self-absorbed football star, Jason Bent and his chaotic relationships  with his team mates and manager.
Gavin & Stacey: A comedy series which focuses on the long distance relationship between Gavin who lives in Wales and Stacey who lives in Essex. The show also details the complex relationship between their best friends, Smithy and Nessa.
Merlin: A fantasy adventure series set in the mythical kingdom of Albion, Merlin focuses on the adventures of its young court wizard and its king Arthur whose life and realm he is sworn to protect.
Torchwood: A popular science fiction series focusing on the adventures of members of the Wales branch of the Torchwood Institute, who form a small group of alien hunters with Captain Jack Harkness as their leader.

Other Programmes of  BBC3

Britain Baby Season, Great Movie Mistakes, The Crash, World's Craziest Fools, The Apprentice, Wipeout, Angry Boys, Mongrels, Ideal, many more.
Online Availability
UK Only. As is the case with all BBC channels, a number of programmes broadcast by BBC3 can be viewed on BBC iplayer the BBC’s online television and radio service, often within 7 days of being shown. Certain programmes are however subject to restrictions, including sports and entertainment programmes as the rights to stream them online must be obtained before they can be shown. Programmes from overseas may also face similar restrictions due to agreements between the BBC and their rights holders. UK only.
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